AMMCF is a not-for-profit organisation. We rely upon the generosity of environmental and sustainability conscious partners who want to support organisations focused on making a difference in the communities in which they work and live.

In a competitive and immediate marketplace, consumers are making active decisions and recommendations for products and services based on the environmental and sustainability choices a company makes.

The challenge for businesses in achieving this competitive advantage is to find a reputable leading organisation with strong outcome driven programs which align with their own corporate values and sustainability objectives.

As an AMMCF Partnership Program supporter you can help AMMCF fund critical ongoing applied research, conservation, community awareness and education initiatives.

Together we can ensure that what we do today creates a better tomorrow.

A Partnership with AMMCF will not only contribute to the survival and protection of our marine mammals and the environment in which they live, but also enhance your business and brand in the marketplace by aligning with our highly respected Foundation and its work; improve staff engagement; and provide staff volunteering opportunities with AMMCF.


For more information please download our AMMCF Partnership 2016 booklet