About ASEP

The Australian Marine Mammal Conservation Foundation’s (AMMCF) innovative and ground breaking Applied Science Education Program (ASEP) incursions bring real applied research to student learning.

Our programs cover a range of topics including populations, classification, evolution, ecosystems, food-webs and sustainability in a changing world… whilst having a focus on marine mammals and our own watery backyard. We use examples from our current research program and allow hands-on activities for the students to explore the significant aspects of marine mammal science.

Our interactive 60-75 minute incursions are delivered by real researchers, experienced in delivering exciting and informative science education programs. Our programs align with the current Australian Curriculum and are tailored for both Secondary and Primary school levels.

Each program includes the relevant theory and an interactive practical component, where students use real biological data in an applied research activity, with the option for larger unit based assignments including Teachers notes. All programs can be modified for alternative age groups or education levels than those specified.

We have had fantastic feedback from science teachers and students alike.

If you would like more information or to book in for any of our programs below, please email or complete our enquiry form.

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Secondary School ASEP Program

Our interactive  60-75 minute Secondary School ASEP incursions are delivered by real researchers, experienced in delivering interaction and informative science education programs.

Each program includes an introductory and background presentation, an applied research activity for the students to collect and the use of real biological data with the option for larger unit based assignments, including Teachers notes.

We currently offer seven incursions, from Year Seven through to VCE Biology Unit, covering Classification; Populations; Ecosystems; Food WebsEvolution; Bin Not Bay/Litter Free Lakes/Bin Not Beach; and Sustainability in a Changing World.

Primary School ASEP Program

AMMCF offers  three 60 minute Primary School ASEP incursions, which are tailored to our next generation of budding marine biologists and conservation enthusiasts!

These programs (aimed at Grades 5 & 6) are delivered in the classroom by real researchers, who are experienced in tackling complex and difficult science and conservation issues in a positive manner, focused on inspiring young students. Programs can also be adjusted to meet the needs of younger year levels. We currently offer five incursions covering Ecosystems; Food Webs; Adaptation; Bin Not Bay/Litter Free Lakes/Bin Not Beach; and Sustainability in a Changing World.

In addition to the ASEP program, we also offer a more general outreach incursion which includes interactive information about our amazing marine mammals; whales, dolphins and seals; fun games that highlight conservation and environmental issues and hands-on displays, including real dolphin skulls. We talk about identifying dolphins by the nicks and notches on the dorsal fins, share interesting facts about different whale and dolphin species, what they eat, what we can see right in our own watery backyard.