Raising community and stakeholder awareness of marine conservation issues and empower change through greater awareness and action opportunities.


  • To support community & stakeholder engagement, informing a balanced and transparent conservation effort;

  • To present community awareness presentations;

  • To make science more accessible to the broader community; and

  • To enable the community to make a difference through volunteering, citizen science and action initiatives.

Community Initiatives

Log a Sighting

trakMM is an AMMCF initiative that allows the community using the waterways to log sightings of marine mammals. We acknowledge that our researchers cannot be on the water all the time so with the community’s help in logging sightings, researchers can formally record those sightings and assess areas of significance for marine mammals.

Please note that marine mammals are protected and specific approach distances are in place to ensure our marine mammals (and your own) safety. See AMMCF Conservation page for specific regulations.


Bin Not Bay

The Bin Not Bay© Marine Environment Litter Program is an Australian Marine Mammal Conservation Foundation initiative designed to raise community and industry awareness and initiate action to protect the marine mammal environment in Port Phillip Bay. Port Phillip Bay is one of several places in southern Australian waters where the recently discovered dolphin species, the Burrunan dolphin, has established a resident population. The Burrunan is listed

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Community Events and Collaboration Partners

AMMCF believes that effective communication is the key to long term change and conservation impact, with the community having a strong role to play. We have had a presence at various markets and festivals across Victoria, including the Main Street Mornington Festival, Sandringham Village Festival and the Sandringham Farmers Market. AMMCF understand that no one person has the solution to conservation, protection and awareness and are actively involved

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Gippsland Lakes Burrunan dolphins: Community awareness

A new species of small coastal dolphin, the Burrunan dolphin (Tursiops australis), endemic to southern Australia, has recently been described (Charlton-Robb et al. 2011). Previous research shows the species consists of small genetically distinct populations which are susceptible to numerous threats, including commercial and recreation fisheries, tourism, anthropogenic contaminants, shipping, gas and oil mining exploration with seismic activity (in

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Community Awareness Campaign

Community Awareness Campaign Presentations to community groups, industry and government organisations will raise awareness of marine mammals and the ecosystem in which they reside. The presentations will cover the applied science behind the recent classification of the Burrunan dolphin; why these dolphins are so different and information on behaviour (i.e. mother-calf associations, feeding, signs of avoidance etc); the uniqueness of the Victorian

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