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Donation Boxes
We thank the following business for hosting an AMMCF Donation Box. Every donation goes a long way to assisting AMMCF achieve its conservation and research goals!

For more information about hosting an AMMCF Donation Box, please email

Rohana Holiday 

Stunning earings made from layers of fused plastic bags, these earrings can live on your ears for 1,000 years instead of in the ocean.

Set in fine silver they measure 14mm in diameter.

$10 is donated to the Australian Marine Mammal Conservation Foundation for every sale.

“I am a Melbourne based jeweller with a strong focus on sustainable practices. I love to make simple, elegant jewellery, wearable enough for every day, using unusual materials and details to make interesting and unique treasures. Each piece is hand crafted and no two are identical. 

With great respect for our environment, I aim to make jewellery that can spark a conversation and be part of the movement towards a more ethical and considered existence.”