Next Generation

Encouraging and supporting the next generation, from early learners through to tertiary students, including work-placements and our Applied Science Educations Program (ASEP). 


  • To encourage and support emerging marine mammal scientists in their research and conservation efforts;

  • To provide financial support and training for young up-and-coming researchers;

  • To engage in Primary & Secondary school environmental & conservation based programs; and

  • To provide opportunities for higher degree learning: Honours, Masters and PhD projects.

Next Generation Initiatives

Supporting the Next Generation of marine scientist, conservationists and enthusiasts. Become involved with AMMCF’s exciting initiatives by volunteering, as a work placement or intern student or join the Research Team with HDR Honours or PhD opportunities.


AMMCF has a very active volunteer program which allows hands on experience with our team. Volunteers become involved with all aspects of the Foundation from applied research through to assisting at community stalls. We have had people from all walks of life, with a whole manner of interest and skills, from University students, to legal experts to graphic designers!

We generally request people volunteer on a regular basis to really make it beneficial for everyone. To become involved please fill in the following form and one of team will get in touch.


ASEP (see information sheet)

Volunteering Field Work Blog 2014

Dom Lawler Volunteering with AMMCF was an incredible experience, to say the least. I was privileged to work closely with professionals in their field of expertise and share their passion for marine mammals and conservation. With the weather on our side, we spent eight days on the water, conducting boat-based surveys within the Gippsland Lakes and offshore. Day one of surveying was a steep learning curve. Any rookie volunteer expecting to just ‘pick

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RMIT work placement intern Blog

Nigel Ogle As an RMIT undergraduate, I was required to organize a 20-day work placement and was fortunate enough to have landed one with the AMMCF. Work placement is often seen as an extraneous prerequisite for graduation but when it’s with the AMMCF it’s the opposite – in fact – you will probably decide that you want to stay longer, as I did. Not only are you given the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge to assist in leading scientific

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