Our Vision

AMMCFs Vision

AMMCFs Vision is to be the leading Australian marine mammal conservation and research organisation, advancing the natural marine environment through applied research, community engagement and next generation learning

Mission Statement

  • To conduct applied research, and work with Australian and International scientists and researchers to establish and advance the knowledge, conservation and protection of Australia‚Äôs marine mammals.

  • To apply the findings and learnings from the research to achieve informed and effective conservation outcomes.

  • To raise community and stakeholder knowledge of marine conservation issues and empower change through greater awareness and action opportunities.

  • To encourage and support the next generation, from early learners through to tertiary students, to ensure that what we do today, creates a better tomorrow.


Applied Research

  • To conduct applied marine mammal research.

  • To be at the leading edge of marine mammal scientific endeavour.

  • To provide support for affiliated research projects.

  • To publish & present results in international peer-reviewed publications and conferences.

  • To respond to marine mammal stranding events and provide scientific input and recovery assistance for various stakeholders.


Conservation Endeavour

  • To promote community and industry awareness and involvement in conservation.

  • To use information from AMMCFs applied research programs for the greater conservation & protection of marine mammals.

  • To align with other conservation organisations for a united conservation voice.

  • To deliver conservation programs that enhance the natural marine environment.


Community Engagement

  • To support community & stakeholder engagement, informing a balanced and transparent conservation effort.

  • To present community awareness presentations.

  • To make science more accessible to the broader community.

  • To enable the community to make a difference through volunteering, citizen science and action initiatives.


Next Generation

  • To encourage and support emerging marine mammal scientists in their research and conservation efforts.

  • To provide financial support and training for young up-and-coming researchers.

  • To engage in Primary & Secondary school environmental & conservation based programs.

  • To provide opportunities for higher degree learning: Honours, Masters and PhD projects.