Partnership Levels

Your support will help maintain the leadership and administration of the Foundation and can be targeted to Applied Research, Conservation, Community Awareness or Next Generation learning, depending upon the strategic needs of your business and where your objectives, values and community commitment best fit. Flexible Partnerships are offered annually from $1,500 for a Supporter to $50,000 for our primary Foundation Partner.

Indicative program scope:

Applied Research

Project Burrunan; AMMCF’s flagship applied research project.

Inclusive of a part-time Field Officer, on-water days, collection of crucial research data, vessel running expenses.

Community Awareness

Bin Not Bay©

Inclusive of part-time Community Conservation Officer, co-ordinate Bin Not Bay program and out reach, event management and promotional expenses. Community presentation and awareness initiatives on Project Burrunan and related AMMCF initiatives.

Inclusive of part-time Community Conservation Officer, attendance at state-wide community events (i.e. World Environment Day, Clean-Up action Day) event management and promotional expenses.

Next Generation

Inclusive of full time Educator/Co-ordinator to deliver AMMCF’s Applied Science Education Program (ASEP), co-ordinate Higher Degree Research programs, work-placements, student volunteers and AMMCF’s Marine NextGen Ambassador program.




** Logo size varies with Partnership level
*** Quantity included depends on Partnership level
# Recognition on website

For more information please download our AMMCF Partnership 2016 booklet